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Steps To Coordinating A Funeral

There are a few steps that need to be taken care of in order to prepare for a funeral. Here are some of the important things to coordinate for a deceased loved one.

Notify All Relevant Parties

The first step is to notify family and relevant officials about the death. The law enforcement agency will need to be contacted first if the death was not due to medical reasons and overseen by a doctor. At this stage, you'll need to have a funeral service provider lined up so that they can communicate with officials and family members as well.

Make Funeral Arrangements

The next step is to work with your funeral service provider to come up with an afterlife services plan. In addition to the traditional burial or cremation options, you could choose to have a scatter at sea ceremony or a green burial. There are usually several levels of service provided depending on how involved you want to be with the planning; a full service package will coordinate the decorations and the logistics for you.

Coordinate the Ceremony

There are many details to coordinating a funeral ceremony if you choose to customize the funeral. At this time you can have a say in the type of casket and other memorial items chosen, such as the grave marker or the urn. If you choose a burial, you can coordinate with the cemetery in order to choose a plot and arrange a schedule.

You may also choose to create an online memorial dedicated to your loved one and revealed during the ceremony. Essentially, this is a webpage that hosts photos, quotes about your loved one, favorite memories, and anything else that you want people to remember. This is a great option when the family and friends are spread out; they will have a place to remember the person without traveling to the burial location.  

Deal with Post-Funeral Needs

There may still be a few loose ends to tie up after the funeral. Have a lawyer on hand to help you settle legal and estate matters as well as remaining debts and obligations.

Serenity burial service in Edmonton are designed to take the burden off of the family in planning and taking the necessary steps to prepare for burial. You have the option of hiring a funeral service to take care of funeral planning, transportation, cremation or burial preparations, and coordinating family and officials around the funeral.