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Planning A Funeral Service: Questions To Ask

If you have a loved one who has passed away, it's important that they be remembered with respect and dignity. Some people make specific plans and desires for their funeral service, while others may not. If someone dies unexpectedly, they may have never even thought about this situation, and the families are left with their grief and responsibility in planning the service. Here are some helpful questions and answers to keep in mind when planning a funeral or memorial service.

Burial or Cremation?

Many people specifically ask to be either buried or cremated. For those who have not specified, the decision is usually left to the family to make. Choosing between burial or cremation can be a matter of finances, or it could be decided upon for different religious reasons. Generally speaking, it is typically less costly to have someone cremated, but it's important that you make this decision based on their wishes or what you think they would want.

Where Will the Service be Held?

Choosing the location of a memorial service is important. You can opt to hold the service at a church or the local funeral home, such as funeral arrangements at Humphrey Funeral Home A.W. Miles-Newbigging Chapel Limited. Some people may prefer to have a memorial type service at the deceased's favorite place, such as the beach or a local park. Where you choose to have the service is entirely optional. Think about who will be officiating the service as well, such as a priest, pastor, or even a close personal friend. 

Will there be Music?

Some people prefer to have somber music playing or have an organist perform, while others may not wish to have any music at all during the funeral service. Younger people who have passed may have wanted their favorite contemporary song played as a tribute to their life. Other people like to have someone sing during the funeral. The music selection is ultimately up to the family and they can decide which type of music will be best to suit the mood of the memorial service.

Should There be Decorations Used?

For many funerals, there are often photos displayed of the person who has passed so that everyone can remember them in a positive way. Others may choose to simply decorate with flowers. Another option that some people decide to do is to decorate the venue with items that represented the person's true loves and interests. For example, if they enjoyed sports, decorate the venue with sporting equipment that belonged to them. If they were an avid boater or fisherman, you can choose nautical decor. The important thing to remember when having a funeral service is to be tactful but yet personalize it so that the person who has died will be remembered for the special individual they were.