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Cremation Ceremony Plans That Incorporate Your Grandmother's Love Of Flowers

If your grandmother was a dedicated florist throughout her lifetime and you would like to hold an outdoor cremation ceremony that incorporates her love of flowers, the following suggestions may be helpful when making plans. 

Bouquets And Brooches

Purchase fresh floral arrangements that contain varieties of flowers that your grandmother was fond of. Order brooches that have large flowers secured to them and set them on a tray. As guests arrive for the ceremony, hand out bouquets and brooches to the guests.

During the service, everyone can gaze at the beautiful flowers that they are holding or wearing as they listen to the words being spoken about your grandmother. After the ceremony has ended, welcome guests to keep the flowers they they received so that they can enjoy them in the privacy of their homes. 

Engraved Vases

Purchase glass vases that each contain an engraving that includes your grandmother's name, date of birth, date of death, and a picture of a flower. Place the vases on a table that is set up next to the spot where the ceremony will be taking place. Fill the vases with simple floral arrangements so that the decorative pieces will stand out during the ceremony.

Give each attendee one of the vases when the ceremony comes to a close. The vases will continue to provide everyone with a constant reminder of your loved one when they are used to hold flowers and set on top of tables or shelves inside of a residence or business.

Small Keepsake Urns

instead of purchasing one urn that contains all of your grandmother's ashes, order additional keepsake urns for family members and friends. After deciding upon a style and color for the main urn, choose small urns that contain a similar color-theme and pattern. A picture of your family member's favorite type of flower or a statement that describes your family member's love of flowers can be included in the inscription that is added to each urn.

If you have decided to sprinkle your grandmother's ashes during the ceremony, ask the guests to stand next to you and form a circle with them. Once you have recited a statement about your loved one and released the ashes from the urn, encourage other people to follow suit and speak openly about your family member as they empty the contents of their urns in the same location. Each person who has received an urn may decide to display theirs on a mantelpiece or inside of a display case in memory of your loved one once they have arrived back home. Check with places like Morris Nilsen Funeral Chapel for more ideas.