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Use Your Recently-Deceased Aunt's Prized Rose Bushes To Decorate For Her Memorial Service

If you would like to use some of your recently-deceased aunt's prized rose bushes to decorate for the memorial service that you are holding in her honor, the following options will showcase the roses and beautify the room where the ceremony is being held.

Create Individual Bouquets For Guests

Use pruning shears to clip roses from each bush. Cut each branch at an angle and create stems that are the same length. Rinse the stems with water and lay the roses on a paper towel-covered surface. Separate the roses into groups that contain the same amount of flowers. Use colorful lace to secure each bouquet.

Photocopy a small picture of your aunt and use scissors to cut around the copies of the picture. Use a hole puncher to make a hole in the corner of each copy. Use thin pieces of twine or embroidery floss to secure a photo to each bouquet of roses. Place the bouquets in vases and give one to each guest who attends the funeral. 

Add Roses To A Wreath That Can Be Used To Adorn A Headstone

Purchase a grapevine wreath or a wreath that is made out of evergreen or spruce tree branches. Cut roses from each rose bush and leave a stem that is a few inches long attached to each flower. Use thin wire to secure the roses to the wreath. After inserting a rose stem between gravepine pieces or evergreen or spruce branches, wrap wire several times around the stem to hold to hold it in place. When finished, add roses to other parts of the wreath.

Display the wreath inside of the room where the memorial service is being held. After the service is over, take the wreath to the cemetary where your aunt is being buried so that you can decorate her headstone with the wreath.

Press Flowers And Use Them To Create Laminated Bookmarks

Clip several roses from the bushes and press the flowers by placing them between pages in a book and setting a heavy item on top of the book. After several days the roses will be flat and dry. Create homemade bookmarks by decorating narrow strips of card stock. Use markers or paint to write your aunt's name on each bookmark.

Use an artist's paintbrush to apply glue to the back of each pressed rose before securing the roses to the bookmarks. Slide the bookmarks inside of plastic sleeves. Use a heat sealer to close the end of each sleeve. Hand out the bookmarks as people arrive for the funeral service. For more information, contact establishments like Ryan-Parke Funeral Home.