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Factors To Consider About Removing Gold Teeth Before Cremation

Before your recently deceased loved one is picked up to be cremated, you'll commonly remove items such as the person's wedding ring. Other gold items are harder to remove, however. If the person had numerous gold teeth, you might not be keen on the idea of this material being destroyed during the cremation process, which is what will occur. This means that if you want to get the value out of the gold teeth, they'll need to be pulled in advance of the cremation. The clock is ticking, given that the crematorium will want to cremate the body as soon as possible. Here are some factors to consider about this topic.

It's Not An Included Service

When you pay a funeral home or a crematorium for taking care of your loved one's body, many different services are included in the fee. The removal of gold teeth, however, isn't on this list. This means that if you wish to pursue having this work done, it's something you'll need to look after yourself. Although, you may wish to ask the funeral director to recommend a dentist who will perform this work; it's possible that the director has come across this situation with past clients.

Start With The Deceased Person's Dentist

You likely don't know how much gold is in the mouth of your family member, and this detail is important to figure out. That's because you'll need to evaluate the value of the gold against the fee that you'll need to pay a dentist to remove the gold teeth. Start by calling your family member's dentist to learn how many gold teeth the person had. The dentist can likely provide you with specifics, such as the weight of the gold, and may even be able to give you an idea of the gold's value. If it makes sense financially, you may wish to hire the dentist to remove the gold teeth before cremation. If he or she cannot perform this service, ask if the dentist can recommend someone.

Get The Gold Melted Down

You likely don't want to keep the gold teeth, so you'll need to find a place that will melt the gold down and give you money for it. Search for this service online, or contact a jewelry store in your area to explain the situation. Keep in mind that once you get the gold teeth in an envelope, the family member's body will likely be prepared for cremation, which means that you'll soon be busy with funeral arrangements. Unless you need the money right away, you may wish to put the task of getting the gold melted down aside for a few weeks or months.

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