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Turn To Your Funeral Home For Help With Selecting A Grave Marker

Choosing an appropriate grave marker is something that can initially get lost in the shuffle after the death of a loved one. You'll often be so busy working on funeral arrangements, contacting people to let them know of your family member's passing, and writing the obituary that diving into the world of grave markers can slip your mind. While you don't need to have a grave marker selected immediately, this is a task that is important to tend to before too long. If you feel as though it's overwhelming to begin thinking about this topic, turn to your funeral home for help. One of the funeral directors can guide you through the process of selecting a grave marker with ease.

Discussion Of Different Styles

One of the more overwhelming decisions that you'll need to make is whether you want a grave marker that sticks up out of the ground or one that lays flat on the ground. The permanency of this decision means that you'll want to get it right, but if you're new to this world, it can be daunting to make your decision. You can count on your local funeral director to talk not only about the different styles of grave markers that are available, but to also give you some positives and negatives about each style to consider.

Appropriate Wording

If you peruse some different grave markers at a cemetery, you'll see all manners of inscriptions. Some grave markers just have the person's name and his or her years of birth and death engraved. On others, there may be inscriptions, detailed information about the person, and even an image of him or her. If you have no idea where to start, your local funeral director can guide you through this process. He or she can talk about what other customers normally do, as well as discuss some of the price differences of different approaches.

Finish And Materials

Grave markers are available in several different finishes; granite and marble are common. Your funeral director can talk to you about the specific details of each type, such as how long they'll last and which is more affordable. Some people prefer to have their markers buffed so that they're shiny, while others prefer more of a matte appearance. Additionally, you may need to think about different colors, as grave markers are available in everything from black to maroon. Having your funeral director guide you through this important decision can make it easier for you during a time of grief.

For more information and help with making a decision, contact a local funeral home or check out websites of companies that specialize in grave markers, like