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Considerations For Choosing Special Cremation Wind Chimes

One creative way that you may decide to deal with the cremated remains of a loved one who has recently passed away is to place them inside a specially designed cremation wind chime. To the casual observer, this type of wind chime may look like any other — but you'll know that some companies may these important devices as a way of holding the remains of a departed family member. Often made with aluminum tube-style chimes, you or a funeral home employee can divide the remains among the tubes, and you can then hang the chimes somewhere around your home. Here are some considerations for this idea.

Finding The Right Spot

While there's technically no "right" spot to hang the cremation wind chimes, you should give some careful thought to this process. You generally want to hang them close enough to the house that you can hear them when you're inside. This could mean hanging them outside a window or around your deck or patio, for example. If you prefer to only hear them when you're outside, hanging them in a tree in your backyard can be suitable. You may also wish to restrict their location to your backyard so that someone isn't tempted to steal them; this might be a risk in your front yard.

You'll Remember Your Loved One

Perhaps the biggest reason to choose to deal with the cremated remains in this manner is that you'll be reminded of your loved one numerous times throughout the day. Whether you're inside or outside, you'll often hear the wind chimes making a pleasant sound in the background — and this can cause you to pause for a moment and think of your late family member. Sometimes, in the months and years that follow a death, it's easy to get so immersed in your everyday life that you neglect to think about the person who has passed. With cremation wind chimes, there will be a constant reminder of this person.

Dealing With The Other Remains

Depending on the size of the cremation wind chimes that you buy, you may have some remains left after you fill the tubes and hang up the chimes. It's thus worthwhile to have another idea of how you'll deal with the additional remains. Perhaps you want to scatter them in a chosen area, or maybe you want to buy a traditional urn to hold them somewhere in your home.

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