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Are You Planning Your Own Cremation Funeral Service?

Have you decided to use cremation services as you plan your own funeral? If so, consider what a great service that is to those you will leave behind. After all, your family will already be carrying the sadness of losing you. Making funeral arrangements will more than likely just add to that burden. From planning the funeral service to arranging for a display of your life, here are some ideas that might help you as you plan your own funeral.

The Service

Think about the spoken words at your funeral service. Would you like for your children to share experiences they've had with you? Perhaps you have a close friend who would read a eulogy and include tender or funny anecdotes about your life. Another idea is for you to write a letter that includes the things that have been very special to you. If you do that, you might include telling about how you met your spouse and about the birth of each of your children and how much they mean to you. Consider sharing your ideals, too. For example, you may have a special love of education. If so, tell about how certain teachers helped to shape your life or tell about experiences you have had in the field of education. Choose music you love, too. For example, if you are a Christian, you might want to have the congregation sing traditional songs like Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art. Or, you might decide that you simply want instrumental music as part of your funeral service.

The Display

Because you are being cremated, some might feel that the funeral service won't be as personal as traditional services are. Consider personalizing your funeral service by having a display of your personal belongings. As part of the display, whomever sets it up could include things like photographs of you from the time you were born until present time, including photographs of you with family members and friends. Another idea is to include things that represent your hobbies and other interests. For example, if you love wood working, one of the items you created could be part of the display. If you enjoy photography, consider having some of your favorite photographs in the display.

Be sure to tell your loved ones of your plans. Also, give them records of things you have paid for at the funeral home. Keep a detailed account of everything from the cost of the cremation to the cost of the urn you select.