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What To Expect At A Memorial Service

You're going to a memorial service, and you aren't sure what to expect. You haven't been to a funeral for some time, and even then, most funerals you've been to were graveside or not done inside a funeral home. You want to be prepared so you don't inadvertently disrupt the services or accidentally do the wrong thing, and you don't want to be taken by surprise either. You can expect some of the following at a traditional funeral service. You can always inquire about how funerals work by speaking to a funeral director as well.

An open casket viewing

A casket viewing is often done right before an actual memorial service or funeral service and is usually done by invite. An open casket is as it sounds; you get to view the person who has passed away inside their casket in a small, private room. This type of viewing is usually done to help the people related to or close to the passed loved one to say their final respects. You can opt to skip the open casket or just go to visit and console the others who are there.

A funeral service

The funeral or memorial service is usually where the person who has passed away is remembered by those who are still living. The people who speak about their loved ones will share photographs and stories or may do a timeline of the person's life. If you know the individual well, you may even be asked to speak at the service. Otherwise, it's a viewing type of service, and you can follow along with the program until the memorial service is complete.

A graveside service

Sometimes, but not always, the person who has passed away will also have a graveside service. Their body will be driven to the graveside where final respects can be paid. You can choose to attend this service and join the caravan of vehicles to the cemetery, or you can bid farewell to friends and family at the funeral home where the memorial services were held and pay future respects another day.

You can make going to a funeral much easier if you know what to expect. You can certainly ask friends and family, or the funeral director themselves, how you can help with the service or what to expect so you can be most prepared. If you are unable to attend a memorial service, you can pay your respects by sending flowers or money to the remaining family members. Contact a local funeral home like Fletcher Funeral Home PA for more information.