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The Definitive Guide To Buying A Headstone: FAQs

Buying a headstone is a process that takes a lot of careful consideration. Take a look at some of the most common questions most people have. 

Is it possible to buy monument headstones online?

You can purchase headstones online, which may come as a surprise to a lot of people. The headstones are usually extremely heavy, however, which can mean shipping costs are pretty high. It is usually better if you can find a local monument service that can make the headstone for you if you are planning to buy a monument that is relatively large in stature. Smaller headstones can usually be shipped without a major cost involved. 

Do you have to hire someone to install the headstone?

Most cemeteries do require monument headstones to be professionally installed. A few reasons for this include: 

  • Ensuring the headstone is properly anchored into the ground with a footer 
  • Ensuring the headstone is placed in the proper section at the head of the gravesite 
  • Ensuring the headstone is not going to pose a risk to anyone else in the cemetery 

Is there a size limit with headstones?

Check with the cemetery where your loved one is buried to find out if there are sizing guidelines that have to be followed. Most cemetery owners will require markers to be large enough that they are clearly visible and small enough that they do not take up space in the cemetery or create problems. Some cemeteries actually require only certain types of headstones to be placed. For example, some only allow flat or beveled stones instead of stones that stand up. 

Can you add your own embellishments to headstones?

Perhaps you would like to embellish a stone with something like pictures, gold trim, or hand-painted wording. While it is understandable to want to make a headstone unique, you should discuss your plans with a headstone professional first. Many embellishments will fall off or wear away rather quickly. However, the company that custom makes your stone can help you incorporate specific embellishments that will be more durable. 

Is granite or limestone the best headstone material?

Numerous types of natural stone materials are used to make headstones, from granite to limestone. Much of what you choose is a matter of preference; each type of material has its own unique appearance. Granite and limestone both have extremely durable compositions, hold up well in extreme weather conditions, and have gorgeous finishes.