Talking About Urns and Caskets

Tips For Planning Funeral Services

Deciding how to respectfully plan a funeral service alone may feel overwhelming. Funeral rites and traditions are often passed down from one generation to the next. Loved ones may want to add a traditional element to the funeral service. This may be challenging due to religious groups not meeting during the pandemic. Family members may be worried that their loved one's religion will not be a part of the funeral. Here are a few tips for planning funeral services.

Organize a Wake or Viewing

Speak with the funeral home's staff to start moving forward with the arrangements. The funeral director will discuss the different price points and service options available. Holding a wake is traditional for some families a day before the funeral and burial. The casket does not have to be open for viewing, if against the family's wishes. Order plants and floral arrangements in colors that compliment the chosen color theme. During funeral services, these flowers will be displayed around and directly on the casket. A single large portrait is ordered to display on the day of the funeral.

Organize the Program and Funeral

Work with the funeral director to put the program together. This program content includes written details about the loved one's education, home life, survived family members, accomplishments, and favorite hobbies. Key individuals may be on the program to briefly speak during the funeral service. Inquire with the funeral directors about live streaming the services. Funeral home staff can keep undesirable persons out of an intimate service with limited guests. Inform the funeral home of people who are not permitted. Due to the pandemic, the funeral services may limit the number of guests. The service may be held on the property of the funeral home or in a local place of worship.

Consider Cremation

Families may choose to have their loved one cremated after the funeral service. Urns can be ordered to properly store the ashes. Multiple urns can be ordered for family members who will be splitting up the ashes. Allow the funeral home to coordinate transportation to the burial site. In the event the family does not own any burial plots, the funeral director can offer help to find an available space.

Make or Cater Food After the Service

After the funeral service, a meal can be catered for guests. There may be space in another area within the funeral home for the meal. If another venue is desired, ask the funeral director to coordinate the details. Use these tips when planning a traditional or modern funeral service