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5 Tips To Craft The Right Memorial Tribute For Your Loved One

Designing a memorial monument for your loved one's final resting place is a difficult task for most. Fortunately, unlike most aspects of funeral or memorial planning, the creation of a monument can be delayed until you or your family is emotionally ready. And when that time comes, here are a few tips to craft the perfect tribute to them. 

1. Learn the Cemetery's Rules

Before you start making plans as to how the actual memorial will look, talk with the cemetery (or wherever you plan to place the monument). Some cemeteries may limit the size or color of memorials, the shapes of these, additional features, or placement within certain areas of the property. Understanding the parameters helps you make the ideal design without having to change it later. 

2. Consider The Person's Interests

The tribute to a loved one should reflect their personality and interests. A person who served in the military might want their military service, medals, or rank included on the stone. However, if they didn't define themselves by these things, they may not want that at all. Take the time to ask yourself what they would want. Look through photographs, memorabilia, personal belongings, and creative works to help inform you about their style. 

3. Look for Quotes or Pictures

One of the easiest and most permanent ways to honor someone is to place a picture or quotation on their memorial. For some families, this is easy if the person had well-known phrases or mottos. However, it could be more complicated. Look for sources of photos or quotes in books they owned, photographs they hung up, framed word art or quotes, their favorite songs, or by talking with pastors or other advisors. 

4. Plan for Longevity

Ensure your monument will survive the test of time. Granite, for instance, is a good choice to weather the elements and still look like new. And if choosing materials that will change over time, such as bronze, make sure you know how they will change and what they'll look like in 50 years. Finally, ensure the materials for engraving and adding photos or symbols won't wear off, fade, or peel away. 

5. Add Custom Touches

Finally, consider ways to add a unique element to the headstone or tribute memorial. This may include touches like ceramic colorized photos, vases, lighting features, and attached or standalone statues. These are a great way to make your loved one's monument stand out and keep it relevant for years to come. 

Want to know more about planning the best monument you can? Start by consulting with a reputable monument service or funeral home in your area today. Together, you'll build something that will honor your friend or family member forever.