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Paying Respects: Benefits Of Cremation Services

Death is often a sudden and unexpected event, leaving loved ones that are left behind to make crucial decisions. Deciding on how to handle the remains can be a difficult choice for those still dealing with the loss of those they loved. Cremation offers a simple method of handling the remains of the deceased and has a variety of benefits. Choosing for the remains to be cremated will not only be easier on the wallet of those left behind but also provides a unique way to pay respects that may not otherwise be possible with a traditional burial. Here is a quick look into some of the benefits choosing cremation services offers those who are grieving. 

A Cost-Effective Option

Burials have long been the traditional way to lay a loved one to rest. While a burial does provide a physical resting place for the departed, it can also soar in price. Depending on the type of casket chosen, the plot of land selected for the burial, and the headstone, a burial can easily cost thousands of dollars. For those already dealing with financial difficulties, this additional burden of saving up for a funeral and burial may seem impossible. Cremation services average a third of the cost of a traditional burial, making for a far more financially feasible way for the surviving family to pay their respects. For those who have already lost a loved one, the stress associated with finances can be eliminated by choosing the cost-effective option of a cremation instead. 

Benefits to Loved Ones

While saving on costs is certainly a benefit to family left behind, cremation methods also provide additional benefits that cannot be accomplished with a traditional burial. For instance, ashes may be split up between families so that they are able to pay their respects in a way that suits them. This is extremely beneficial for instances where family or friends of the deceased may need more time to process their death before dispersing the ashes. If a burial of the ashes or memorial takes place, cremation services offer loved ones more flexibility with time as the ashes do not need to be buried immediately. Those who may be restricted to travel for health reasons, for example, can wait for a time in which everyone is safe to gather and conduct the ceremony

Saying Goodbye in a Unique Way

While burials can certainly be a special and beautiful way to say goodbye to the departed, it does indeed limit some things. Burials are set in a single location and permanent, making a visit to the remains difficult for those who live far away. One of the biggest benefits to choosing a cremation option for a loved one who has passed is the freedom of how to handle the remains. Scattering ashes is a popular method and can be done in a location that was meaningful to the deceased. Ashes can also be kept in decorative urns that provide a respectful and tasteful resting place for the remains with the option to stay with loved ones at home or in a columbarium. Some ashes may even be planted in the ground to eventually grow into trees, making for a beautiful way for loved ones to incorporate the loss of a loved one with something that gives back to the environment. To learn more about cremation, contact a funeral home.