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How You Can Make The Cremation Of A Loved One Special

Too many people make the mistake of assuming that if they opt for cremation services for their loved one they will not get a chance to say their goodbyes or the opportunity to have any special services. You don't want to make that mistake because you can still do a lot of wonderful things in order to celebrate the life of your recently deceased loved one. Here are some of those things:

Still Hold A Viewing Of The Body

There seems to be the thought that if a person opts for cremation, it is a process that happens right away and they basically waive their right to a viewing. This is not the case at all. In fact, there is generally a couple of weeks that will go by before the cremation can actually take place. This is because the funeral home has to obtain the death certificate and permission from the state to do the cremation. Without that final outside approval, they cannot proceed with the cremation, as there could still be an inquiry about the cause of death, resulting in the need for an autopsy, even if no one thought one was going to need to be done. There is plenty of time to have a viewing and a casket can be rented from the funeral home for such purposes. After all, purchasing one would be a waste of money because the deceased does not stay in a casket for the actual cremation.

Celebrate Their Life With A Memorial Service

Whether you want a viewing or not, you can still arrange for there to be a lovely memorial service. You can have a religious service after the end of the viewing if that is something you know the deceased would have liked and if it would comfort their loved ones. Otherwise, you can go through with the cremation and then hold a memorial service elsewhere, weeks or months down the line. This later date will allow those who live far away plenty of time to travel to the service location. You might even have their ashes returned by then and you can have them stored in a lovely urn, which can be set on a table at the memorial service.

By taking those tips into account, you should be able to plan the best possible cremation services or memorial for all of the friends and family of the deceased. Just make sure that you are beginning the planning stages right away, as this can give loved ones enough notice so they can make proper arrangements with work or a babysitter.

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