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3 Reasons To Choose Flat Grave Markers

What you choose to mark a loved one's gravesite with is an individual decision. You can choose many different types of monuments and gravestones on the market. Both markers can provide much more than birth and death dates. They can give many clues about the person who lies below. While upright tombstones have been popular over the years, flat grave markers are now all the rage. There are many reasons for this change, and here are a few of them. 

1. Cemetery Specifications

In the past, many cemeteries allowed you to place any marker you chose once you purchased a plot from them. Unfortunately, over the years, this has changed. Many cemeteries now require flat graveyard markers to be placed on all graves. 

This requirement helps maintain the visual profile of the property. All graves are aligned, neat, and orderly. Flat grave markers also allow for easier cemetery upkeep. They require minimal weed eating since they are easy to mow around or over. 

2. Easy Installation

If you have ever witnessed the installation of an upright tombstone, you know it is a very intricate process. Not only does the installation company have to bring in machinery to lift the heavy weight of the stone, but they must also set the foundation and center the stone. You risk your stone eventually tilting and sinking if this process is off. 

Flat grave markers offer much easier installation. There is often no foundation to pour or set, although bronze markers are sometimes attached to a granite base. The monument company digs a rectangular hole as deep as the monument is thick.

For example, the hole will be four inches deep if your marker is four inches thick. The installers then place the marker in the hole, ensuring it sits level. They add or remove dirt until the marker sits securely level without rocking. 

Because the flat markers are lighter than other stones, you do not have to worry about them settling or tilting. They are also smaller and easier for the installation company to install, which often translates to less expensive installation costs. 

3. Customizable 

Many people would assume that there would be limited customization available due to flat markers being smaller than upright tombstones. This is not true. The space available on flat graveyard markers still allows you to add a full range of customization options to honor your loved one for eternity. 

For more information on flat grave markers, contact a professional near you.