A Funeral Pre-Plan: What It Is And Why It's Essential

When a loved one passes away, the funeral service often becomes the focus of attention. It is a time for friends and family to come together and mourn a loss and celebrate the life that was lived. While it's natural to want to plan a funeral service that reflects who you are as an individual or as a couple with your partner, funeral planning can also be overwhelming and cause undue stress in the already difficult time following a loss. [Read More]

Paying Respects: Benefits Of Cremation Services

Death is often a sudden and unexpected event, leaving loved ones that are left behind to make crucial decisions. Deciding on how to handle the remains can be a difficult choice for those still dealing with the loss of those they loved. Cremation offers a simple method of handling the remains of the deceased and has a variety of benefits. Choosing for the remains to be cremated will not only be easier on the wallet of those left behind but also provides a unique way to pay respects that may not otherwise be possible with a traditional burial. [Read More]

Preferred Funeral Home Services For Planning Your Final Arrangements

As a parent and grandparent, you do not want to burden your children and grandchildren with planning out your funeral or memorial service. You know what an emotional process it can be to finalize those kinds of plans. You also know how expensive they can be and what kinds of effects they can have on people who may already live on limited means. Instead of dying without any plans in place, you can take steps now to finalize how you would like to be laid to rest. [Read More]

5 Tips To Craft The Right Memorial Tribute For Your Loved One

Designing a memorial monument for your loved one's final resting place is a difficult task for most. Fortunately, unlike most aspects of funeral or memorial planning, the creation of a monument can be delayed until you or your family is emotionally ready. And when that time comes, here are a few tips to craft the perfect tribute to them.  1. Learn the Cemetery's Rules Before you start making plans as to how the actual memorial will look, talk with the cemetery (or wherever you plan to place the monument). [Read More]