Creative Ways To Spread Or Save The Ashes Of Your Loved One

It is emotionally difficult to lose a loved one. Your loved ones have such a monumental impact on your life that it can be hard to let them go. After the loss of a loved one, you will be grieving, and you will probably be making arrangements. If your loved one requested it, you may be making cremation arrangements. Cremation is a simple and affordable process. Once your loved one has been cremated, you may wonder what you can do with the ashes to honor your loved one. [Read More]

The Definitive Guide To Buying A Headstone: FAQs

Buying a headstone is a process that takes a lot of careful consideration. Take a look at some of the most common questions most people have.  Is it possible to buy monument headstones online? You can purchase headstones online, which may come as a surprise to a lot of people. The headstones are usually extremely heavy, however, which can mean shipping costs are pretty high. It is usually better if you can find a local monument service that can make the headstone for you if you are planning to buy a monument that is relatively large in stature. [Read More]

What To Expect At A Memorial Service

You're going to a memorial service, and you aren't sure what to expect. You haven't been to a funeral for some time, and even then, most funerals you've been to were graveside or not done inside a funeral home. You want to be prepared so you don't inadvertently disrupt the services or accidentally do the wrong thing, and you don't want to be taken by surprise either. You can expect some of the following at a traditional funeral service. [Read More]

FAQ About Planning A Loved One's Funeral

The last thing that many people want to do is have to deal with the death of someone they love. However, death is not something that can be avoided, and it can occur at any age in life when least expected. The worst part of dealing with the loss of a loved one is making funeral arrangements while struggling with grief and depression from the situation. In many cases, there is also the struggle of paying for everything that is needed to have a proper funeral. [Read More]